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5 Luxuries I Couldn’t Do Without


August 29, 2014 by Michelle


Today’s guest post is from Save. Spend. Splurge. I’m so excited to feature her here today. If you’re interested in …
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What’s Your Hourly Rate?


August 28, 2014 by Michelle

hourly rate

While I am taking a slight blogging break, I’m featuring awesome bloggers instead. Today’s post is by Mel of BrokeGirlRich. …
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Weekly Roundup #44: Saying Goodbye


August 26, 2014 by Michelle

saying goodbye

It’s been quiet around here, and I am guessing most of you know why. After she survived her heart shocking …
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Simple Ways to Cope with Stress


August 21, 2014 by Michelle

cope with stress

*Short update: My grandma survived the heart shock procedure. She’s back in the ICU. This is just one giant step …
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What I Wanted to Say


August 20, 2014 by Michelle

what i wanted to say

Thank you all for your lovely comments of support for my grandma. I’ve been blessed with a great group of …
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Those Expenses You’d Rather Not Plan For


August 18, 2014 by Michelle


I am doing something unthinkable– I am writing this live. Like most bloggers, I write my posts in advance after …
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Weekly Roundup #43: Summer-In-a-Month List


August 15, 2014 by Michelle


This week, I looked at the calendar and did one of these: HOW IN THE WORLD IS IT MID-AUGUST ALREADY!?!?!?!?!  Don’t …
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Cheap Activity Find: Geocaching


August 13, 2014 by Michelle


Ok. I am a nerd. Let me confess this before I continue writing this post. I love puzzles. I love …
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Saying No to Money: A Working Gal’s Lament


August 12, 2014 by Michelle

saying no to money

You guys are sooooo lucky that I am writing this. No, seriously. It’s 10pm, Monday night. My hands are cramping. …
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Are You a Frugal Hoarder?: Saving Awesomeness


August 11, 2014 by Michelle

frugal hoarders

Trips to my grandma’s house are always entertaining. My family lives a very frugal and modest life, and I am …
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Fit is the New Poor

Fit is the New Poor

Hey-o! I’m Michelle. FitNPoor was started when my husband lost his job and we were forced to make big changes with our lifestyle. Now he's employed and I'm working my dream job as a writer and small business owner. This is my journey of knowing nothing to learning everything possible. I'm getting us on the right track to financial freedom by slimming down our debt and working out our assets.

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