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Friday Spending Recap #5: Freebie Weekend


February 5, 2016 by Michelle

freebie weekend

          Just checked my calendars. Baby FNP and I have been in Wyoming for exactly one …
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Updating the Debt Tracker


February 4, 2016 by Michelle

debt tracker

It’s time for some truth. And it isn’t pretty. A week or so ago, I got a comment from a …
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Friday Spending Recap 4: Paying It Off


January 29, 2016 by Michelle


This week, we’ve been celebrating. When I last wrote, we had managed to pay off $1300 worth of debt, but …
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The Terror of Paying Off Debt


January 25, 2016 by Michelle

paying off debt is scary

This weekend, FNP husband and I paid off $1300 worth of debt! We’re now only a mere $18,701 off of …
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Friday Spending Recap 3: Another Look at Friendships


January 22, 2016 by Michelle

friday spending recap

The paycheck has arrived! The paycheck has arrived! Alert the masses! When we last left off, I talked about how …
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Why We Talk About Debt


January 19, 2016 by Michelle

we talk about debt

Sometimes we overshare for a reason. I share my life because I want to feel connected to others. When I …
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Spending Wrap Up #2: A Minor Win?


January 15, 2016 by Michelle

minor win

In my attempt to be accountable for my spending, each week I will post my purchases and their amounts. Here’s …
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What a Week of Extreme Minimalism Taught Me


January 14, 2016 by Michelle

extreme minimalism

Once we arrived in Wyoming (and dealt with the car breaking down, the speeding ticket, and traveling with a baby), …
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A Cost of Living Comparison: Chicago vs Wyoming


January 12, 2016 by Michelle

chicago vs wyoming

I received this email last weekend, and I had to bite: Hey Michelle! I am inspired by your move to …
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Friday Spending Wrap Up #1


January 8, 2016 by Michelle

friday spending wrap up

If you read my last posts about our first week in Wyoming, you may have guessed that our financial state …
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Hey-o! I’m Michelle. FitNPoor was started when my husband lost his job and we were forced to make big changes with our lifestyle. Now he's employed and I'm working my dream job as a writer and small business owner. This is my journey of knowing nothing to learning everything possible. I'm getting us on the right track to financial freedom by slimming down our debt and working out our assets.

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