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How Pinterest Is Making You Poor


March 3, 2015 by Michelle

Pinterest is making you poor

I was an early adapter for the social media site Pinterest. As in, I was the perfect demographic and the …
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Downsize to Upsize Part II: Two Major Reactions


February 26, 2015 by Michelle

downsize to upsize

I had hoped to come here with an awesome update about how well our first week of the Downsize to …
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My 6 Month Lending Club Update


February 25, 2015 by Michelle


Way back in September, I put $200 I had randomly received into a portfolio with Lending Club. With zero investing …
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When Life Gets Rough, Who Has Your Back?


February 24, 2015 by Michelle

who has your back

Before I start this post, I want to thank you all for the kind messages about my hospitalization. Just a …
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Life First. Money Second.


February 20, 2015 by Michelle

life first. money second.

If you’ve been following me via my Instagram account (it’s locked, but just request a follow), you may have noticed …
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Downsize to Upsize


February 16, 2015 by Michelle

downsize to upsize

Here’s a secret you may not know about me: For the last 9 years of my life (since I turned …
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Would You Be Content With Just Enough?


February 12, 2015 by Michelle


I used to believe that there were two people in this world: Person A: Driven by ambition, constantly looking for …
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Saving for Baby: Both Sides of the Argument


February 10, 2015 by Michelle

saving for baby

Oh deary me. There is nothing more frightening in this world than totaling up the expected cost of your future bundle …
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What to Do With Our Retirement Savings


February 6, 2015 by Michelle

retirement savings

Retirement, to be honest, hasn’t been too much of a focus around the FNP’s house. Our taxes have brought our …
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Save Money By Getting a Dog


February 4, 2015 by Michelle

save money by getting a dog

It’s no big surprise that my first baby will always be my favorite furry creature, my dog Vanna White. She’s …
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Fit is the New Poor

Fit is the New Poor

Hey-o! I’m Michelle. FitNPoor was started when my husband lost his job and we were forced to make big changes with our lifestyle. Now he's employed and I'm working my dream job as a writer and small business owner. This is my journey of knowing nothing to learning everything possible. I'm getting us on the right track to financial freedom by slimming down our debt and working out our assets.

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