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A Self-Employment Tax Holiday


December 18, 2014 by Michelle

self employment tax

“Tis the season to start thinking about taxes Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La-La” This is my first year as a self-employed person, and I …
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The Broken Sofa Dilemma: WWYD?


December 16, 2014 by Michelle

broken sofa

Armed with a staple gun, a Youtube DIY video, and no money in my pocket– I set forth to do …
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Teen Who Made $72M in Stock Market: What’s Your Money Story?


December 15, 2014 by Michelle

Remember how I was so proud of my first investment dollar? Yeah. My joy was a bit diminished when I …
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Horrible Gift Ideas


December 12, 2014 by Michelle

horrible gift ideas

Tis the season to break out the wallet, right? But when it comes to giving gifts, shouldn’t there just be …
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My First Investment Dollar


December 11, 2014 by Michelle

investment dollar

Way back in October, I had earned $200 from a fun project. Not needing the money immediately, I tried to …
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Debate Time: Pregnant and Poor


December 9, 2014 by Michelle

pregnant and poor

Browsing the internet the other day, I found myself stuck in a rabbit hole that was a message board. Bad …
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Cheap Wrapping Paper Alternatives


December 8, 2014 by Michelle

I posted this last year, but since today I am in wrapping paper hell, I thought I would revisit this. …
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Why I Deleted Over 300 Facebook Friends


December 5, 2014 by Michelle

Yesterday, I did something quite radical for a 20-something adult who grew up on social media and who also makes …
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How We Save $1k This Christmas By Making Two Changes


December 4, 2014 by Michelle

save $1k this christmas

Have I mentioned just how much I LOVE shopping and gifting others? I do. I seriously do. If I could …
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Business Education: Girl Scouts Selling Cookies Online


December 2, 2014 by Michelle

girl scouts selling cookies online

If you know me personally, you know that I am the biggest supporter of Girl Scouts. For 12 years of …
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Fit is the New Poor

Fit is the New Poor

Hey-o! I’m Michelle. FitNPoor was started when my husband lost his job and we were forced to make big changes with our lifestyle. Now he's employed and I'm working my dream job as a writer and small business owner. This is my journey of knowing nothing to learning everything possible. I'm getting us on the right track to financial freedom by slimming down our debt and working out our assets.

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