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Our Donation Adventure: Little Free Library


April 23, 2015 by Michelle

Little Free Library

We’re at the home stretch! In one more week, we’ll be handed the keys to our new place and the …
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The Art of Store Negotiation


April 21, 2015 by Michelle

store negotiation

I was back in my hometown last week to pick up some items I had left at my childhood home …
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Dear Daughter: 10 Money Mistakes I Hope You Never Make


April 16, 2015 by Michelle

money mistakes

Dear FNP Daughter (who happens to be kicking me in the ribs right now), You’re 10 short weeks away from …
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Cheap Moving Boxes: Box Sharing!


April 13, 2015 by Michelle

cheap moving boxes

My friends — I am here to testify that moving is SO EXPENSIVE. We just dropped about $40 on bare …
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The FNP Equation for Emergency Savings


April 8, 2015 by Michelle

equation for emergency savings

With a baby (and insane medical expenses) on the way and a new apartment to move into, FNP Husband and …
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Downsize to Upsize Challenge VI: Donations


April 6, 2015 by Michelle


I’ve been slacking on updating our progress on the The Downsize to Upsize Challenge! But in just a few shorts …
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How Not to be an April FOOL With Your Money


April 1, 2015 by Michelle

fool with your money

Happy first day of April, my favorite 2015 readers! This day is typically one of my favorite holidays. I love …
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Signing a Lease: How We Upgraded Apartments for Less


March 30, 2015 by Michelle

signing a lease

It’s been a massive week for FNP. First, I have spent the last week writing my little brain out. It …
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Breaking Bad Habits: The 15 Minute Clean


March 25, 2015 by Michelle

15 Minute Clean

Confession time: Husband and I aren’t the cleanliest people in the world. Wowzers. That was hard to publicly admit. Mrs. …
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Downsize to Upsize Challenge V: Craigslist Selling Tips


March 23, 2015 by Michelle

craigslist selling tips

Five weeks down, 2 weeks to go! The Downsize to Upsize Challenge is in almost complete. And let me say, …
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Hey-o! I’m Michelle. FitNPoor was started when my husband lost his job and we were forced to make big changes with our lifestyle. Now he's employed and I'm working my dream job as a writer and small business owner. This is my journey of knowing nothing to learning everything possible. I'm getting us on the right track to financial freedom by slimming down our debt and working out our assets.

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